How do we find each other? 

It’s Sunday morning. How I love Sunday mornings! To me they are delicious because I treat myself to a special breakfast and they are lush because sometimes I sleep in and savour the lush feeling of laying in bed with a bit of music or my book. They are also sweet because I sometimes burn sweet Omani incense and fill my heart with the scent of Oman and the memory of the burning sun. 

Today my Sunday is filled with music, incense and friends. My good friend Adina from Romania is visiting.  We are also hosting Yvone, who came over for the weekend to learn more about community and lend us a hand in the garden planting new seedlings. Much fun and loads of work was done this weekend. 

So today, as I sit in my living room listening to some gentle music, surrounded by the sweet aroma of the incense I can’t stop wondering ‘how do we find each other?’ How comes that sometimes I feel so alone that it tears my heart apart and other times I feel the immensely strong connection between us all so strong that my heart could burst with the joy of it all! 

I am off to make breakfast to feed my lovely friends for I feel found and connected right now;  I go pour the fullness of my heart in some pancakes 🙂 

Love to you all, #good things

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