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Hello and thank you for stopping to read my blog.

I am Gabi and I started this blog a couple of years ago at my return from a long and extraordinary summer traveling across Europe, meeting good old friends and new friends, sharing stories, dreams, tips and some great meals. I traveled from the UK to Romania with my husband in our beloved old two-seater convertible. We covered 11000 km and crossed 13 countries! We followed this up with a short trip to Oman, that absolutely ignited my love for Arabian nights, vibrant colours and heavily scented hot evenings.

I was reminded, as we traveled, how good sharing feels! We share all the time: stories, tips, recipes, experiences, sometimes cars and spare bedrooms, books, music, skills and causes we feel passionate about.

This blog is my attempt to sharing a bit of myself.

Last year I set myself a challenge. I wanted to share one good thing, each day, throughout the year, under #goodthings. I did not write each day in the end but I finished the year with 255 blogs on the good things that happened that year.  It still is a real treat to look back at all that goodness!

As I completed that challenge I realised that I fell in love with writing. What a treat to pick up the laptop now and then and tell a story. I decided to continue to write, play with stories, play with words… let’s see where this path will lead me.

Thank you for reading, thank you for sharing this story with me.




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