Dreaming it up

I walk into the kitchen and on the table, the brand new 25th Anniversary edition of Diggers and Dreamers (the guide to communal living) winks at me. I pick it up hungry and I look through it with curiosity. I find the entry about our community and I can’t but read every word avidly and proudly…Yes, it sounds like us and I like what I am reading (little wonder really, as it was us who provided the entry!). Nevertheless, it still feels good to read it, black on white. On the front cover, there is a collage of pictures from various communities. Our front door takes central place among them, I spot the picture straight away; there are several pairs of wellingtons nicely stacked by the front door!
Earlier today, I was exploring setting goals and achieving dreams. Some years ago I had a dream, my dream was to find my community. In my dream community there are loads of beautiful people, the sun is shining a lot, there are many friends, always something fun happening, we laugh a lot, we help a lot, we make a difference, we sing and dance a lot and we have loads of evenings by the fire, just making the world turn and be a happy place. 

 I remember sitting in my living room with M, some years ago, before we moved here, planning and dreaming about living in a community. We were flicking through the Diggers and Dreamers pages ( this might just be a figure of speech, we were most likely looking it all up on their website!). Anyhoo, what fun we had imagining our future life with several different communities from the directory! We found the thought of moving to some of them so exciting! (scary too!) If it doesn’t scare you, you are not dreaming big enough baby!
Here I am, years later, in my living room again (not the same one!), with this brand new Diggers and Dreamers in my hand. I’ve been living in a community for 9 years now (how time flies when you are having fun!). It all started with some days of dreaming and flicking through a guide for intentional communities. I feel it’s time for dreaming up something new… Where next? Somewhere in the sun, my heart whispers… But before I up and go a bit of honest soul searching is in order; how ready am I to let go of the now to make room for the new? 


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