Birthday Cake

Sweet connections

Back some months ago, as I started blogging about good things in life, I happened to stumble over Lisa’s blog.  Lisa lives in New York and she also blogs about good things; she muses on life with yummy food( she is a chef). I love her blog and I sent her an email months ago, just to say hi, your blog is fab. Lisa got back to me, we connected.

The other day, when M’s birthday was looming big I had the brilliant idea of baking him a birthday cake:)  Now, those of you that know me will know this: I can bake but I am no master baker! So most birthdays I tried to do what any sensible woman with lots of lovely friends will do – I got someone else to bake a yummy birthday cake (or I ordered one from the local cake wizz). But this year I felt different. This year I felt like I can bake M’s a birthday cake, put my love into it:) The thought was both exciting and scary. What will I bake though??? The internet is full, full of yummy amazing cake recipes. My family and friends also have a full repertoire of monumental birthday cake recipes. While I love monumental, I also knew that with my skills monumental can easily turn into a disaster. So, I decided I needed something foolproof: a simple to make but yummy recipe – with lots of chocolate (M’s favourite)! I needed an expert’s opinion on the matter!

Funny enough, Lisa, my fellow blogger from New York, sprung to mind (don’t you just love the internet!!!? I certainly do!). I knew that she’ll have the perfect recipe so I e-mailed her to ask for her advice. She got back to me straight away with a brilliant suggestion: an old fashioned chocolate cake, easy to make but scrumptious, the perfect solution! Thanks Lisa:), I am grateful for your suggestion, I am grateful that you took the time to get back to me, you are a star!.

I baked that cake yesterday-it’s amazing!!! It was eazy peazy to make and everyone enjoyed it. M loved that I put some of my love for him into it. I wish I could share this cake with you:) #goodthings

Birthday Cake


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