Firing up our creativity

I am keep rediscovering the joy of connecting and supporting, there is no other joy like it! 

For one reason or another I didn’t get to buy many things lately but I find that most things I buy come from people who I know. This takes shopping to absolutely new heights for me ! The joy of buying something from a friend and artist, writer, craftsmen/women who I know is immense. Not only that I get a beautiful thing but the connection that I have with that person makes this thing rather special and links a bit of the ‘ creator’ with my everyday life. Buying from friends means I get to support their creativity and freedom of expression. And that makes me a very happy bunny indeed! 

 The soap I use at the moment was made by my sister, the print above the fire place was made by Jo of Moreton Woods, the music I’ve been listening to in the last couple of weeks is sung by the talented and beautiful Klara Kazmi, the salad I’ve been eating all winter is grown by my housemate Cat, the books we gave as presents to our grandchildren last Christmas have been funkily illustrated by my other house mate Jo Hodgkinson, the DVD I played the other night has been produced by the mind blowing Jamie Catto. 

So today, I am really pleased to add to my collection Ebonies’ soon to come out book. I know Ebonie did all the hard work but I can’t help but feel a special kind of excitement knowing that I helped to materialise it 🙂 #goodthings

Ebonie’s book 

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