A very special day

I woke up early filled with excitement: solar eclipse today! And spring equinox! This is just too special!

As I walked out of the house on my way up to the hills I couldn’t help but notice the cloudy sky. Will I be able to get a glimpse of the eclipse?  But never the less we left for the hills and I am glad we did!

There were quite a few other people up there already despite the early morning. There was a bit of wind and big clouds hanging over the valley. But then they started moving quite fast and as I turned west, I came face to face with this unbelivably blue big sky, not a cloud on it. The clouds were moving fast and shortly after 9 o’ clock I got the first glimpse of the eclipse.  The sun was completely  surrounded by clouds except for this one little opening, and the sun looked like a very bright crescent moon, except that you could see quite clearly the shape of the round dark moon over the bright sun. It surprised me how small and far it looked.  It filled me with such a surge of energy that I burst out whooping and clapping, which in turns made M laugh out loud 🙂 It was sort of hazy and grey around us, a bit like on a very cloudy winter day, with this bright small shiny crescent sun picking through the clouds. We got a really good sight of it, for minutes at end as the clouds traveled across the eclipsed sun and the sun kept on picking through little openings. Although I didn’t manage to take any good shots of the eclipse I will share some shots of the hills during the eclipse.

A group of young children from the local school walked up the hills at this point.  They filled the hills with their chatter and laughter, they made the hills come alive. As time passed the clouds got blown over and the sun came out, first a bit timid and then fully shinning. It was 9.30 am by time, the eclipse was over. Although I didn’t think it was very dark during the eclipse now that the sun is out again I realise how dark it actually was. Not dark like in the middle of the night but a dull, grey kind of dark. It is soooo good to see the sun shinning again 🙂 I keep getting little surges of happiness, this is a special day indeed!

 Oh, yeh, it’s also the International Happiness Day today, hope you have a very happy one! Yes, this is a special day indeed!  #goodthings #supergoodthings

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