If it’s September it’s spiders! Garden orb web spiders to be more precise. 

You wouldn’t think that spiders would fall under someone’s #goodthings category, yet here I am, marvelling today at these clever, tiresome garden weavers. 

They spin large, circular silk webs, suspended vertically from leafs and stems. They sit in the middle of their web all day long waiting for other insects to become traped. 

I love descovering their perfect webs in the garden or sometimes on my window sill.  Today the sun is shinning and the web outside my bathroom window catches the light beautifully. Early in the morning it was hanging heavy with due. Little diamonds hanging in a concentric,  perfect web. 

I am not a spider lover and I chuck them out of my house as soon as I find one but I can’t not love them in the garden, in September, when their weaving skills are at their very best!  


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