Walking the hills

Malvern HillsLast year I came to realise that although we live in this stunning hilly area where many come from afar to visit and to walk the hills, we (M and I) rarely make it up on there. Since we moved here, on an average, we made it up on the hills three four times a year; around May, when the bluebells are out or for a Christmas walk and maybe a couple of times in the summer but mainly when we have friends visiting and we want to show them the wonderful hills.  If you’d asked me how come we got up there so rarely I would have said: too much to do, not enough time, I always want to but then sometimes life it’s just too busy, and so on and so on. But last year I decided to change all that. I promised myself that I will make more time this year, that when I have a spare moment I’ll just go for a casual quick walk, if I am really busy, or a more leisurely one, if I am time-rich. And so we found ourselves up on the hills a lot more this year and oh, it’s such a wonderful thing to do! I love going up on the hills especially on clear sunny days when you can see for miles! But the hills are stunning in all weather; sometimes there is windy drama, other times it’s still and quiet. Some days there is no one there, some days there are lots of people, children, dogs. I came to love living at the foot of these majestic hills and getting to know it come rain come shine. #goodthings


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