Thank you for 106 good things

At the beginning of 2015 I set myself a challenge: to spend a year noticing and blogging about all the good things. I remember feeling just a tad nervous about this challenge: blogging was something so new to me! I wasn’t even sure where to start: will I be able to create an interesting and exciting blog? Will I find the inspiration? Will I stick with it? Apart from feeling a bit nervous about it all I also remember feeling rather excited: I couldn’t wait to look back, at the end of the year, at all the good things!

Well, here I am, it’s the 31st of December today and I am looking back, at my year of good things. What an amazing journey! I am looking back and I know that although I don’t have 365 entries in my blog, as I hoped, I have 106 good things! I didn’t make a daily entry, but every day, without fail, I stayed aware of at least one good thing! So, I am declaring my challenge a success! I am well chuffed with myself! It was so much fun writing again – I used to love writing as a child and then somehow, as I grew up my writing got forgotten. I am double pleased to be able to describe my world and my experiences in an other language also – I still remember the frustration I felt early on, just after I moved to the UK. I wish I’d have 7 more lives to live so that I can dive into 7 other new cultures with the same naivety and gusto as I dived into my new life in England. I am so much richer for it!

In my blogosphere travels I came across many kindred spirits from all over the world. Amazing people, amazing adventures, amazing writings and amazing photography. What strikes me, as I dive deeper and deeper in blog world is just how many enormously creative people are out there and how, thanks to the Net, all this is accessible at the touch of a button. I feel so grateful for all that creative outpouring!
I am very tempted now to move into New Year wishes but I want to stay just a bit longer in this space of gratitude and really savour it! It was a tough year for so many people, a bit tough on me too. But I am looking back with a lot of love for all the growing I did, for all the all the wonderful people I met and for all the good things that surrounded me all year. I am immensely grateful, thank you for journeying with me.

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