Manifest It

I heard about vision boards long before I saw, never mind made one. They’ve been around for a while… Some swear by them. I hear they are powerful tools to bring to life your goals/dreams/ all the things you wish for in your life.  I spent years learning about myself, about what I want and how I want it. I dreamt and I planned and I plotted.  Then, the day came when I was ready for my first vision board. Ready to manifest.

My vision board is big, bold and quirky! If you know me you can see it’s a true reflection of the quirky me. I won’t lie to you, it took me a while! I am hoping the next one will be easy-peasy! I shared my experience and the results with some friends and they asked me how did I do that.  And so this little vision board making recipe was born. Here are my findings and some top tips:

  1. You may want a vision board when you want to achieve certain things. The board will give you clarity and will focus your vision. The board can accelerate things happening in your life. A vision board can help materialise your dreams.
  2. I spoke to a couple of friends who are specialists in vision boards. Plus, I read everything I could put my hands on on the matter. Their experience (and what I read reflects this too) is that the board becomes less relevant after a while, as if it expires. That can be months or years; it’s a very personal matter.  Change yours as soon as you feel it is not relevant anymore. For some it could be a year, for some it might be 6 moths, depending on how fast you move through your own life. For example, on my board I left lots of empty spaces. For me empty space is air and I need a lot of air in my life/work but also these empty spaces mean there is room for new additions to my board. I find that my mind constantly finds new items I want to add and that extends its shelf life.
  3. Have some fun with it. Although it is serious matter don’t take yourself too seriously when you make it. You may want to infuse it with the energy of fun, with your own energy. Play some music, something that really stimulates your imagination, your creativity.  I wanted to charge the board with the energy of me and I thought a lot about how to do that. And this wicked idea came to me one afternoon, a crazy idea that got me really excited and fired up about building my board. If you know me, you’ll know how much I love dancing and you’ll also know that I like a bit of faery dust now and then. So I took this big board, I turned on my favorite tune, the one that helps my soul soar, I splashed some glittery paint on the board and I dance barefoot on it. I literary imprinted the board with my glittery dancing feet. That was fun, tons of fun!!! But this is just me, you must find your own way to charge your board with your very unique energy, with fun.
  4. Surround yourself with fun props, colors, magazine cuttings, post-its, photos, cards, glitter, words, anything you like. The more creative you can get the better. This is not a matter for your mind, it’s a matter of your heart. You are literally bringing your heart’s desires to life through images/words/color. Go bold! Dream big! Be playful! There are no rules, this is your board.
  5. Make sure your vision board focuses on what you want to feel not only on the things that you want. The more you focus on how you want to feel the more it will come to life. I added on my board little thank you cards from my clients, it fills me with joy every time I read them. A few quotes have found their way there too, they remind me of good advice I found useful through my life.
  6. Give yourself some free time to make your board, free of distractions and just get lost in it. It took me more than one session but again that is very personal, you may be faster than I was.
  7. You may want to lay everything out before you start glueing, that will give you the chance to move things around until you are happy. I got impatient and I started glueing as soon as I could but it was fine in the end because I am not too fussy, I looked at it as an organic, creative, free flowing activity. Remember there are no rules here.
  8. Display it somewhere where you can see it all the time. What we focus on expands. “What I seek is seeking me” Rumi wisely said. Whatever happens during your day your vision board will be there as a constant reminder of where you want to be.
  9. Make it unique, as unique as you are. Make it exciting; this is your board, an image of your future, you’d want your future exciting wouldn’t you?  vision board



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