How I missed the rain

It’s raining, it’s pouring!

Thunders are clapping and a whip of lighting crossed the sky. People are crazy with joy! Cars are tooting their horns as they drive through rivers just born. The massive rolling thunder is met yet again with cheers and claps.

The street lamps just came on in the long, white, marbled colonnade leading to Sultan Quaboos’s palace. The scent of the begonias is now mixed with the smell of rain. I want to run out in the rain and dance. The light is just changing, the light is incredible: there is bright blue sky to our left and there are dark massive clouds rolling in from over the mountains.
There must be a rainbow somewhere I think to myself. And sure enough, this perfect rainbow slowly materialises in front of our eyes, a large, full arch. Everyone is cheering, cameras are out. People are standing in their doorways looking as the rain and the storm unravel. They capture it on their mobiles. It’s a special moment, here, where most of the time the light is bright, strong, bleaching everything.
I’ve been four times in Oman so far, It never rained but here it is now, a proper summer storm, soaking the dry earth and our happy faces. Rain, I missed you!



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