Ladybird home

Home, sweet home

I know I’ve been banging on a lot about the garden in my blog but how can I not??? I am totally besotted with the magic of it. So here I come again.

I realised recently that spending regular time in the garden is hugely beneficial for me right now. It’s somehow not so much about the yield anymore, although tucking into the wonderful produce from the garden is one of my all time favourites. It’s more about connecting with the land and the magic that’s born of it.

So talking about magic, here’s what I spotted this morning as I was digging up some spent kohlrabi. This ladybird ┬ádecided to take shelter inside the unopened sunflower. Well, as good a home as any, if you ask me! It looks so incredibly pretty! I just had to run back to the house to pic up my camera and capture the magic. Note to myself: always take the camera with me in the garden! #goodthings

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