Colourful Market 

There is nothing I love more than the market in my home town.  I know every town in Romania has markets like this one but I never found one like this anywhere in the UK or elsewhere in Europe and I miss it dearly. 

I particularly love the old women ‘tanti’ selling their beans, parsley or tomatoes straight out of their small veg garden. I love the home made jars of pickled gherkins and cabbage in salty brine they sell for a few lei (Romanian currency). I love the stacks of fresh shinny red peppers, plump white cabbages, crunchy apples, purple, juicy plums, sweet grapes, chestnuts, golden,scented quinces, root veg, aubergines, spuds. I love all the cheeses, plastic pots full of white fresh cow cream, honey, sky-hi hills of red, sweet paprika. I also love the piles and piles of white, yellow or crimson chrysanthemums the market is packed at the moment with, in preparation of All Saints day tomorrow. Almost every person in the market today bought flowers to take out to the cemetery tomorrow to commemorate their dead. I can’t wait for tomorrow, when I go out with my family to the local cemetery,  with a car boot packet with flowers, to remember my granny, who I so dearly loved as a child and my grand dads, which I never got to know, or some of my dead uncles and aunties, who spoiled me rotten when I was a wee little girl. But today I celebrate bounty in the market and I filled all my senses with the smells of autumn. #goodthings 


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