Blessed tree

It’s been grey, windy and wet for what feels like weeks now. So I am really excited that our Christmas tree is finally up, full of lights and sparkling gorgeous decorations.  I am so grateful for my beautiful tree!

It’s not a traditional kind of Christmas tree you see, it’s a young self seeded sapling from our woods, and I think it’s stunning! Last week it was minding its own business in the garden. It holds central stage in our living room now.

This year I wanted our tree to reflect our gratitude for an interesting year and our wishes and hopes for next year. So we’ve decorated it with lots of chocolate to symbolize our hope for a fun, sweet future.  It has loads of faery lights so that our next year is full of light and sun. I’ve added lots of glass angels to keep my connection with spirit and with a higher meaning. We then hung some hearts on the tree to keep our connection going with all you wonderful people. We’ve also got gift boxes (for the many gifts that we’ve been given and those we give), a sparkling owl (mainly cos I love owls), golden apples and pears, so that food will always be yummy and abundant on our table.

After Christmas we’ll chop our little tree up and burn it in our wood burning stove – its last gift to us will be warmth. Thank you tree, I am really grateful  for your gifts:)

Wishing you all a jolly winter solstice on Monday, the sun is shortly to return, hurrah!



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