An unexpected visit

I just had an extraordinary encounter with nature, in my own living room!

This morning,  just before starting on some work that I’ve been inspired to do yesterday, I thought I’d refill the bird feeder outside my living room window. When I finished doing that I left the window a smidge open and as I turned around to walk away from my window I noticed 3-4 finches hungrily throwing them self already at the bird feeder.  Some kerfuffle issued shorty and not one but two finches flew startled into my living room!

I was a bit startled too but I returned to the window to check out the one finch perched inside my window sill.

We looked at eachother and the bird started to throw itself at the window but then as I gently talked to them they calmed down and then hopped outside through the small opening in the window. We had the chance to have a proper glance at eachother, before they flew out, quite a beauty! Not me, the finch – you understand.

The second finch flew all the way across the room and landed under my other window. When I picked them up they didn’t protest at all. They looked well stunned. I gently took them outside the window sill and lowered them in my window box. They didn’t move for a long time but after a short while started to slowly perk up. Just as I thought I’ll give them a small stroke of encouragement they flew away.

I can still feel it’s soft and warm body in my hand. It was quite an extraordinary encounter, I don’t often get the chance to see them this close or to touch these wonderful finches flying all the time around our garden.

So I feel very grateful for this short chance encounter today with the beautiful finches. #goodthings

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