A moment in the light

I wish I could capture the September light and bottle it up like an amber syrup, to open up on a grey and rainy day in November, and bask into the sweetness, warmth and mellow glow.

Late September light is perfection,  it’s soft and a bit melancholic, it’s like no other light, I can recognise it anywhere!  I am laying on my sofa in a corner flooded in this sultry light, like  a lazy cat, allowing the rays to stroke my body, my face, my entire being melting slowly, floating gently around the room on the sun rays . The light is playing on my walls making wavy shapes appear and disappear at regular intervals. All I can do is sit here, relaxing as the the sun strokes me, watching the light dance on my walls and soaking up the beauty of this perfect moment in time and the glow of September light…

light waves on the wall

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