Tree canopy

Tales from my garden

When I wake up in the morning I first open my blinds. Then I jump back in bed to watch my new neighbours go about their day. They moved in a few weeks ago and they are awfully busy. I lay back on my pillows and I watch them, trying to imagine the details of their lives, the stories I don’t see or wouldn’t understand. I call them Mr and Mrs C.

They are a handsome couple. I first spotted them when they came around for the first viewing. It must have been Mr C that found the place first. I saw him around for ages, he didn’t look that sure. I saw him sitting outside for ages, just looking at the place, although it was quite cold and rainy outside. I wondered does he ever go inside? I wondered does he even like the place? I wondered does he even live there?

I sort of forgot about him but one day, when I opened my blinds and  jumped back in bed and looked out of the window I noticed Mr C. We was busily coming in and out of his house. Oh, and, a minute later I spotted Mrs C. She was patiently perched just outside, on a branch. When they both went in I knew they finally accepted the place and set up home there. I know that place really well. Every spring we get new neighbours in there. They are busy for a while and then they go.

I can’t tell if they are the same ones coming back year after year or a different pair. Right now I think they have little ones. They are gone a lot, both of them. They don’t just hang outside like they used to. They bring something back all the time. I can’t wait to see their little ones! Sometimes Mrs P goes around. I don’t think Mr C likes her very much, if she gets too close he shoos her away before she settles down too comfortably. But enough of this: places to go, fish to fry. I’ll leave Mr and Mrs Crow to get on with their day and so will I with mine.

Tree canopy

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