Words matter, words are powerful, I love words.

Ever since I started on this journey of creating the life I desire I got into the habit of picking a word of the year. This word gives me strength and support throughout the year, this word is my friend when in need I turn to it.  I tune in with this word and take on its powers so I can get through any stumbles small or big.

Last year, my word was TRUST. When I chose it I felt that I needed TRUST by my side, TRUST that I and all my loved ones will be doing well, TRUST that all is well with the world, TRUST that I’ll find my way no matter what, TRUST that the Universe is backing me up, TRUST that I can do what life requires of me. And so TRUST was with me through 2018 and full of gratitude I am now let this word go free, releaseing it back into the big pot of stardust… it served me well, thank you TRUST.

My word for 2019 came to me in a whisper, just around the solstice.  The previous day I thought to myself, oh, it is that time again, time to pick a new word to travel further with.

And so ALIGNED came to me, easy. I was doing something completely different and it just landed in my mind like a little white feather… I scooped it up and made a note of it, for later. And so, when I did all my invoking of 2019 there it was, all ready, for me. Thank you ALIGNED for showing up and for keeping me company this year that is just starting. I shall do my best to make it a fun one for us both, for when ALIGNED is at my side all will be well.

A beautiful thing happened a few days later, a lovely lady called Janice Vestal Atwell sent me a doodling of my word, adding lots of joyful energy to it. Thank you Janice, you are a star, I am so loving seeing my word done up all pretty.

My intention for 2019 is to find the right words, loving and compassionate ways, to express my truth while connecting truly and deeply with everyone else who is expressing their own truth. I chose my word for 2019 to be “ALIGNED”. I intend to stay aligned with my truth, so that from that place I connect and live and work and laugh and dance and co-create with you all.





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